Grow Your Business With Google Reviews

More than at any other point in history, people are relying on online reviews. If you’re a small business owner with capacity to expand and you’re not paying attention to Google Reviews, you’re missing a trick and more importantly losing opportunities to get more customers and build your online reputation

When it comes to online reviews, yes, they are really critical. Of course, we will guide you through the steps necessary to expand your firm.

In this post, you can expect to learn the following:

  • There are many ways to get more Google reviews.
  • Detailed steps on how to leave a Google review
  • If you want to remove a review from Google, then follow these steps:
  • The solution to getting more reviews is to use Weave.

The following five steps can help you get more Google reviews from your customers.

Step 1: Ask Your Customers for a ‘Favor’ – never offer a reward

When customers have a great experience with your company, they are likely to write a positive review on your Google review page. By asking clients to do you a “favour,” it becomes a really friendly way to request a review. This is a different experience to the typical, “Please can you leave me a review” approach. A favour has more gravitas and a more emotional commitment.

Google and many other review sites have a clear rule about never soliciting a review. This means offering a reward or paying for a review. Your listing can be removed from Google if you’re found out, which will suck. 100%.

Step 2: Give your customers a reason to write a review on Google

So, moving on from:

Please can you leave me a review

which can expand to provide an incentive:

Please can you do me a favour and leave us a review? We’d love to hear your thoughts, and if you have any photos you can upload to the site

Please can you do me a favour and leave us a review? It really helps others to learn about our business.

Adding a little bit of context to the request