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What’s stopping you getting more reviews?

The big problem

How do you get customers to leave a review?

You need to ask them. Repeatedly.

Did you know that 76%* of consumers who are asked to leave reviews go on to do so.

Leave.Review efficiently requests online customer reviews with minimum effort from you.

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How does it work?

How does Leave.Review work?

step 1

Personalize your message

First of all – Set your message with your business style and branding.

This can Sky rocket your review count on sites like Google and Tripadvisor.

Customise customer review reqests

Choose online review site

step 2

Choose your review sites

Stop wasting reviews​. Prevent customers leaving reviews on the wrong sites or even for the wrong business. 

Leave.Review sends customers straight to the review page on just the review sites that support your online reputation and sales.

Step 3

Start requesting reviews. Today.

Simply add your customers and Leave.Review will automatically send a strategic set of SMS and emails requesting reviews.

Get instant reporting on bounced emails / upsells and who has left a review.

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Add customer to leave a review

Save time collecting reviews

Get reviews in your sleep

Online review requests are automated and require few manual tasks.

You will literally improve your online reputation in your sleep


Backed by an amazing
support team

Got questions? We have answers.
Contact us by sending an email to hello@leave.review

Get More Reviews than your competitors

Make your business the obvious choice for new customers

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Leave a Review

What our customers say…

“I´m so happy with Leave.Review and the amazing service I´ve gotten everytime I´ve needed it. Easy to use, and my customers find it easy to write a review. You can always trust it 100%”

Amanda Swan
“This software is incredibly user friendly. We have only been in business for a year, and we have used this and only this software for our reputation management”

Sam Saunders
“It has a neat, clean and tidy appearance. The team take on board suggestions and try their best to help and sort out any problems. Reviews went up 300%”

Jenny Woo
Hong Kong

Boost your online reputation
Start increasing reviews today

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*Source of statistics from Bright Local Survey and BIA/Kelsey

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