Online review metrics to measure success

It’s very tempting to rush into an online review boosting campaign without thinking about statistics/data. Yes, it’s the boring part of the strategy (who wants to pore over numbers and review graphs (sorry to all the number nerds out there), but it is super important. Without this data how would you be able to calculate your success? How would you know which outreach campaign/strategy worked better than others? It’s also good to know that you’re doing well so you can give yourself a metaphorical pat on the back (A physical one is tricky – I’ve tried).

First thing with Google My Business (GMB) is that it has a relatively short memory (just 3 months). With Google Analytics, you can go way back in time to when you first installed the tracking code. We have a great article on how to segment traffic from you Google My Business listing which means you can now start recording data and never lose it.

So, what are we going to learn?

  • How to segment your Google My Business traffic into Google Analytics
  • What are the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for Google My Business?
  • Which free systems can provide the metrics for online review success?
  • How do I find the review statistics in TripAdvisor?
  • How do I measure my competitors review statistics?

What are the KPI’s we will be focusing on?

  • KPI Number 1 = Organic Traffic by source

Which KPI’s should we ignore?

One thing we are going to avoid here are vanity statistics. These are numbers that paid online advertising gives you to telling you that you have 1,000’s of impressions and loads of “reactions”. This means very little if your sales from the adverts are less than your investment. So let’s get started with stuff that really matters.

If you don’t have a website and rely 100% on your Google My Business / Trip advisor listing then you can jump to the next section.