Your quick guide to how to leave a review on the most popular review sites

Rate and review local businesses guide

Ready to get more reviews?

Improve your online reputation, build trust, increase sales

Review survey customers

2021 Consumer review survey

Do consumers read reviews? Who writes them? How many stars should you aim to get in your reviews?
We asked these questions and have the answers

2021 Consumer review survey

How to ask for a review

Learn how to ask for a review

Never asked for a review before? Not sure where to start? Fear not, help is here

How to ask for a review

How to respond to negative reviews

Learn how to respond to negative reviews

What’s worse than getting a 1 star review? Not knowing how to respond. Learn how to reply to a negative review

How to respond to negative reviews

Get more reviews


Learn how to get more reviews

Your customers think you’re awesome. Make it easy for them to tell the world

How to get more reviews

Recent Google Review

How does Google Local Business decide what’s relevant?

You have loads of reviews in your Google Business list, but the most recent is not at the top? This article explains Googles local business review logic

Google review relevancy?

How to respond to negative reviews

How to respond to a negative review

One day you’ll get a review that makes your heart sink. Use this guide to respond to bad reviews wisely

How to respond to negative reviews


How to delete a Google review

Step by Step instructions on how to remove a Google Review

How to delete a Google review

Google my business optimisation


As a business owner do you wish that your will get more enquiries through your Google listing? Simply claiming your Google my business listing is not enough. It needs to be optimised .

Google my business optimisation is a technique that needs to be done correctly so as not to cause any damage to your listing and the reputation of your company. Done correctly, you will appear at the top of the organic search results, get more enquiries and beat the competition.

We provide advice on how to  get customers to leave reviews, boosting customer feedback with star ratings to allow potential customers  to gain confidence in using your business. We will also dive deep in to the various options on your google my business and unlock the secrets to getting more potential customers

Google maps


Google maps review is one of the most important factors in any online marketing strategy. Each business should have a Google My Business account and be optimising this page to their websites benefit.

The first step is to find your business on the Google and claim it. This will probably involve a postcard being sent to your address to validate that you really are the business owner.

As soon as you have your Google My Business page claimed, the next steps are to ensure that it is available for people to find.

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