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How to Automate Google reviews

You will also know that asking for reviews is time-consuming and can detract from running your business. So instead of chasing reviews, what can you do? The answer is automation – let’s get started.

Automate Google Reviews

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The best advice on google reviews and how to get more

How to create a Leave Us A Review Flyer – easy to follow steps

The websites such as Canva have great designs. If you have your own designer, then just grab a QR code from Leave.Review and ask them to add it to the design. Learn in more detail by reading the full blog

How to create a leave a review QR code

You're here because you know exactly what you want - an easy way to get a QR code for your Google reviews. You want customers to point their phone and instantly land on your Google review listing so that they can give you that 5-Star review you deserve.

Google Review QR Code

How to ask your customers for a review

Are your customers not leaving reviews, despite your company being utterly brilliant / outstanding (delete as appropriate)?

Collect online reviews

How to leave a review

Watch videos on how to leave a review for the most popular review sites such as Google, TripAdvisor, Etsy and more