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Stop doing this...

If your approach to getting online reviews is by verbally asking your customers then you're doing it wrong. Most of your customers will have forgotten that you've even asked making the chances of getting new reviews very low

Don't ask for online reviews

Instead - do this...

Use Leave.Reviews online review automation to drive customers to your review platform. Lets see how it works:

1. Add your customers

It's easy to add your customers to Leave.Review - we integrate with Mailchimp, we have an API to connect with your existing customer / order database, you can upload by copying or pasting. Got a spreadsheet? Just upload it!

2. Set the automation going

Leave.Review will wait for as long as you tell it to and then send a drip feed of review requests. These can be either text messages or emails. It all stops when the customer leaves a review.

3. What your online reviews grow

..and that's it. Leave.Review takes the hard work out of asking for a review. It works with most review platforms including Google, Tripadvisor, Facebook, Yelp, etc

How to leave a review

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