How to remove a google review

This guide discusses how to delete an your own google reviews, or as a business owner dispute a review

  • You can delete your OWN reviews on Google at any time.
  • It is possible to flag a review for removal with Google, but they will not be a mediator between you and your customers.
  • For those who own a business and are dealing with a false or spammy review, you can flag it to Google for removal. However, keep in mind that a negative (but accurate) review is not subject to removal under Google’s policies.


How to delete a Google Review as a business owner

  • The rise of fake reviews – in the press
  • How to delete a Google Review as a business owner
  • How to delete a negative google review (left by your unhappy customers)
  • How to delete a google review (Step by Step Instructions) as business owner (flagging a review)

The rise of fake reviews – in the press Inc. and Google are facing formal probes into possible violations of U.K. consumer protection rules over a failure to shield their users from an onslaught of fake reviews.


– Fake / Spammy reviews are a real problem. Reuters highlight the growing issue and the authorities are working with the larger companies to resolve it. Fake reviews are bad for shoppers and the competition market authority are warning customers to look out for fake reviews

How to delete a Google Review as a business owner

As a business owner, I’m proud of the service we offer to our customers and enthusiastically direct enquiries to our review page on review sites. 

There is a great feeling of excitement when you receive an email from your Google My Business account – expectations are of high praise for your company and your services/product that you offer. 

Your feeling of excitement that you will soon be reading about another happy customer who has left a positive review.

Google My Business 1 star review The stomach-churning despair when you open the email to find the infamous 1-star review

1 star google review

You click through to read more and rush-read the review.

1 star google review email

At this point, you’re fully aware that potential customers can see this review. It is at the top of the reviews list on Google – so will be the first thing people see and you’re simply horrified! (Side note – this isn’t exactly true. The order that Google displays the reviews is by Relevance, not Date. Check out this article here – How does Google decide which reviews are Most Relevant? for more information

How to delete a negative google review (left by your unhappy customers)

In short, you can’t. There is no delete button next to their review. This is intentional by Google. They want to provide the world with real reviews – even if they’re terrible for your business.

Also, Google’s policy states that it only removes reviews that violates their terms

From our experience and research the best action you can perform is to follow the steps below – but first of all, respond to the negative review.

You’ll be able to respond to the bad review and provide the following:

  • Send Google’s review team with information to support your reasoning for the removal of the review
  • Demonstrate to your future customers your professionalism. Stay calm, cool and stick to the facts. Prospecting customers won’t care that you have a fake review. They will also see that the reviewer was just having a bad day.

Read more about responding to negative reviews here

How to delete a google review (Step by Step Instructions) as business owner (flagging a review)

First of all, Google will not become a mediator between you and your reviewer.

However, there are steps to request Googles team to delete the review when their terms have been violated – this is in essence flagging the review as inappropriate

Step 1 – Find the review and flag it by clicking on the 3 dots at the top right of the review to reveal the “Flag as inappropriate” menu item:

Inappropriate google review

Select “flag as inappropriate”. Once selected you are presented with the following list of options:

this review is not appropriate to this place Google reviews

Let’s explore each option in more detail to determine how the review violates googles guidelines

This review is not relevant to this place

Customers should only post content based on their experience or questions about experiences at a specific location. So content that is political, social commentary, or personal rants should be removed by Google. This is key – the review needs to be the customer experience, not their friends or slander.

Conflict of interest

This includes comments such as:

  • Reviewing your own business. 
  • Posting content about a current or former employment experience. 
  • Posting content about a competitor to manipulate their ratings.

Sexual Content

Anything content that contains sexually explicit material.  

Legal Issue

In short – this is anything that is illegal (duh!) – note is also includes copyright, terrorist, violence, drugs, etc

Privacy Concern

There is not a clear guidance from Google on what is included within the scope of Privacy Concern. Our belief it relates to details that can uniquely identify an individual that should not be within the public domain. For example Social Security number, personal phone number, etc

Let’s start with understanding 

Is this a genuine customer? 

You or your staff may remember the customer. Details in the review or even a photo will allow you to identify the customer. If this was a real customer and the complaint is genuine, then check out our article on how to respond to genuine negative reviews

Other times you may not recognise the name or the review at all.

If the review appears to be fake, follow these steps to kick off your investigation:

Have they left reviews for other companies?

Click on their name

Call the customer….

Ways to contact Google about the review

Contact Google review complaint

Google reviews as a business owner

I’ve seen the tap turned on for local businesses when they’ve harnessed the power of Google Reviews. It can literally be a lifeline to your business, and is considerably cheaper than paid advertising like Google Ads.

In the event that you can not remove a review, the best form of defence is a review campaign. With Leave.Review, getting new reviews is as easy as asking over text. Soon, you’ll see your average star rating and your ranking improve all through an automated ask for a review campaign.

Remove a Google Review as a customer Step by Step and Video Instructions

Supposing you left a review for the wrong company, or you left an online review for a business in the heat of anger, which you later regret. Fortunately, you’re in control of the reviews you leave on Google.

Watch this 21-second video:

Delete a Google Review – Video

Delete a Google Review – Step by Step

  1. Open google maps
  2. Click the burger menu icon. Just 3 horizontal lines.
Maps google review Buckingham palace

Click “Your Contributions,” then go to “Reviews.”

Google maps contributions

4. Click the three dots next to the review you want to delete

Select review for dseletions

5. Select “Delete Review”

Delete a google review

6. Confirm the deletion of the review