Create a Leave a review landing page

Your business will likely benefit from being on more than one review site. The big players such as TripAdvisor and Google Business / Maps are known to all and are the obvious choices (and should be used).

But what if, what if……..there is a review site that is MUCH better for your business, that will compliment your Google Business listing or even (dare I say it out loud) be better. (By the way Google, if you’re listening with your robot ears you’re still my favourite).

Here are some examples – our local beauty salon pushes it’s clients to review on salon spy, and as of 11th May 2022 has 423 reviews, but on Google Business, only 43. There reasoning is that people are more likely to find them via Salonspy rather than Google Maps.

They do need and should be asking to get reviews on both review sites to maximise their online exposure and social proofing.

How do you collect reviews on more than one review site?

That’s a great question, which we can answer here.

First of all, you need to find the link for your review site. We have some guides here:

Google Review link

Trip Advisor review link (coming soon)

So lets assume you have your review link, and I’m talking about the link that takes them STRAIGHT TO THE REVIEW page. Remember, your customers, as much as you love them (or their cash), most of them don’t have the time to go searching the internet for the exact page to leave a review. So, lets make it easy for them.

As an example follow this review link to our local bike hire store here in Winchester, UK. When you click on this link you should see the review page.

When Bespoke Biking’s customers arrive at this page they’re straight away in to review writing mode. They did not have to hunt or navigate to find the review portal.

Also, as I’m already logged in the authentication part is done too. It’s almost too easy.


STEP 1 – Get your Review Links for all your review sites

STEP 2 – Build a page for your review sites

Why build a leave a review landing page?

Using the example of the salon – they’re sending their customers a link every time they visit their salon. On a positive note, that link is the WRITE A REVIEW link. On the less positive side it is the only review site they’re directing people to.

A better idea is to send the visitor to a webpage that has all your review sites listed.

You can see from this example, that we have a distraction-free, very focused Call To Action in regards to Leaving a Review. The visitor can choose from any of the review sites, and when they click on the button to leave a review. This is simple, efficient, and flexible.


If you have access to a web developer we would recommend implementing some Javascript that triggers after the write a review button has been pressed. The sequence of events that we would like to see is:

  1. Customer clicks on review button
  2. A new window opens displaying the review writing page
  3. The current page redirects to your latest promotion, start a new booking, refer a friend page

There is an old adage – ABC – Always Be Selling. I’m not talking about aggressive sales tactics here, I’m talking about reminding your customers of the great services or products you offer. So, at every opportunity you need to MAKE IT EASY for your customers to buy more from you, and redirecting the review page to your next sales page is a quick win.